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Mascara Filling and Capping Machine, ZHJM-12R

Mascara Filling Machine, Liquid Filling and Capping Machine, Mascara Packaging Line, Filling and Sealing Machine for Mascara

As a mature product in Zhonghuan, this filling and capping machine for mascara has discarded the disadvantages of cumbersome structure and low stability of the common nail polish machineries. It is applicable in all kinds of nail polish with different viscosity and mascara bottles with diversified shapes and specifications. From bottle feeding, filling, brush mounting, to capping, the whole mascara packaging process is done fully automatically. Steel ball parts can be added if necessary.

Features of the Automatic Mascara Filling & Capping Equipment
1. This auto mascara filling and capping machinery features simple structure and is easy to be maintained and operated with
2. With the intelligent PLC control system, this equipment won’t continue the filling or capping process if there are no bottles or brushes
3. Positioning or guiding system is available for the filling and brush mounting parts
4. Metal pump or ceramic pump is optional to ensure the reliability of the filling and capping machine
5. The capping step utilizes the manipulator to pick up the caps and adopts pre-capping way, which has effectively avoided those elongated bottle caps from being deflected or falling
6. Adjustable torque
7. The capping tightness can be adjusted to protect the bottles and caps

Technical Parameters
Filling volume: 5-25 ml
Production capacity: 50 bottles /min
Power: 1kw
Weight: 600kg
Dimension: 2000×1700×1800 mm

This kind of automatic liquid filling and packaging machine made in Zhonghuan is applicable in mascara, nail polish, or other cosmetic products.