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Automatic Filling and Capping Machine for Liquid, Lotion and Cream

Filling and Capping Machine for Cosmetic Products, Auto Liquid Packaging Machine, Cream Filling and Capping Machinery, Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine

1. This series of auto filling and capping machine is suitable for different liquid, lotion, and cream
2. Filling, plugging, capping, and discharging processes are done fully automatically
3. The liquid filling and capping equipment features linear operating line, with the fixture running in a circular way
4. For changing the filling bottles, users only need to adjust the fixtures
5. Servo motor is employed to prevent the liquid or cream from leaking or foaming
6. A quantitative filling process will be met supported by the piston, with the servo motor and rotary valve combined
7. The automatic liquid packaging machinery is distinguished for high-precision filling and wide applications
8. The caps are tightened with manipulator, with the capping torque adjustable
9. Bottles are discharged by manipulator automatically
10. It is equipped with moving wheels for convenient moving; stainless steel and aluminum materials are adopted for the machine body to make it easy-maintained
11. Any one is able to operate the equipment proficiently in a very short time
12. Recipe function is accessible on the touch screen, making it easy to change bottles
13. General daily output of the auto liquid filling machine: 15000-25000 bottles

Technical Parameters
Power supply: AC 220V, 3kw
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
Acceptable container: centrosymmetric bottles with a bit of hardness
Filling method: quantitative filling controlled by piston, with servo motor and rotary valve employed
Filling accuracy: ±0.5g
Filling volume: 30-200ml
Capping method: manipulator is adopted for capping with the torque adjustable
Discharging way: bottles are discharged automatically by the manipulator with the height and bottle size adjustable
Running way of fixtures: in a circular way
Production capacity: 1500-3000 bottles /h
Dimension: 5050x1400x1850 mm

The main application of this kind of filling and capping machine is cosmetic products