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Eye-Drop Filling and Capping Machine, DTNX-60Y

Eye Drop Filler, Auto Eye Drop Filling and Capping Line, Automatic Liquid Filling Machine, Filling and Capping Machine for Eye Drop

This series of automatic filling and capping machine for eye drop is suitable for filling small-volume liquid, like antibiotic, eye drop, etc. We have employed servo motors for the AISI 316L /high-precision ceramic rotating piston pumps. Apart from that, a touch screen is adopted for the eye-drop filling equipment for accurate and convenient adjustment.

1. All of the parts that may contact with the liquid are made from AISI 316L and silicon rubber
2. The auto eye-drop filling and capping line features high reliability and stability
3. It is equipped with 7.7-inch color touch screen with real time display in multi languages
4. Variable capping heads are utilized
5. Optional nitrogen protection laminar

Technical Parameters
Filling volume: 2-20 ml
Filling capacity: 40-60 bottles /min or 80-120 bottles /min
Filling precision: ≤±1%
Power supply: 220V /50Hz
Capping rate: ≥99%
Stoppering rate: ≥99%
Air supply: 2 m3/h, 0.4-0.8 MPa
Power: 1.0 kw
Weight: 400 kg
Dimension: 2400*1100*1500 mm

The applicable fields of this kind of filling and capping equipment include eye drops, and electronic smoke, among others.