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Essential Oil Filling Machine, DTNX-50JY

Auto Filling Machine for Essential Oil, Liquid Bottling Machine, Stoppering Machine, Plugging and Capping Machine for Essential Oil

Zhonghuan automatic essential oil filling equipment is distinguished for high automation, wide applications, and high stability. The bottle feeding, filling and capping processes are done completely automatically. This essential oil filler is equipped with an auto detection device to check the existence of bottles. It is manufactured in line with the GMP standards.

Technical Parameters of the Essential Oil Filling Machine
Filling volume: 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml
Filling capacity: 40-50 bottles /min
Filling accuracy: ≥99%
Corking rate: ≥99%
Capping rate: 99.9%
Power supply: 1kw, 220V, single-phase, continuously variable transmission

Zhonghuan auto filling machine for essenal oil is mainly applied in the automatic liquid packaging lines of essential oil, perfume, sprays, and many other materials.