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Perfume Filling and Crimping Machine, ZHS-50

Perfume Filling Machine, Automatic Perfume Filling and Crimping Equipment, Cosmetics Filling and Packaging Line, Perfume Filler

With a high production rate, wide application, and high stability, Zhonghuan auto perfume filling & crimping machinery is an ideal choice for filling perfume and other cosmetic products. It was designed to integrate the operations of screw feeding, bottle detecting, auto filling, and capping together. The auto detection device enables the system to stop filling or capping when there is an absence of bottle.

Technical Parameters of the Perfume Filling & Capping Equipment
Filling volume: 1-50 ml
Filling capacity: 50 bottles /min
Filling precision: ≥99%
Capping rate: ≥99%
Power supply: 1kw, 220V, stepless transmission

This kind of perfume filling and crimping machine is mainly designed for packaging perfume, essential oil, e-cigarette liquid, sprays, and many other liquids.