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Cream Filling and Capping Machine, ZHG-50B

Automatic Filling and Capping Machine for Cream, Liquid Filling and Capping Machine, Cream Filling Line, Cosmetic Filling Line, Automatic Bottle Filling and Capping Machinery

With the PLC control system, our automatic cream filling and capping machine is able to finish the operations of bottle feeding, filling, and capping automatically and accurately. The touch screen has made the operation rather convenient and easy. This cream filling line is an optimal choice for household chemical industry.

1. Filling and capping process will be done automatically with this filling & capping machinery
2. This auto cream filling and capping equipment is suitable for cream, ointment, paste and other viscous products
3. The filling nozzle is designed to extend into the bottles for filling and get out immediately when finished
4. Swift filling device is adopted to prevent the viscous liquid from being extruded when the bottle is absent
5. Brake motor-driven conveyor helps to stop feeding when bottles are being filled
6. It is able to filter out those unqualified products automatically
7. Both the transparent panels and stainless steel frame are employed to protect the filling equipment

Technical Parameters
Model ZHG-50B(7) ZHG-50B(15) ZHG-50B(20)
Filling volume (ml) 15~70 30~150 50~200
Filling precision (ml) ±1.2 ±1.5 ±2.0
Filling capacity 30~60 bottles /min
Atmospheric pressure 0.2~0.4 MPa
Gas consumption 0.05m3/min
Power supply AC 220V, 50 /60Hz
Power 150W
Dimension (L×W×H) 2500×1100×1800 mm

Zhonghuan automatic cream filling and capping machine is widely used for filling creams, lotions, skin care products, cool oil, and many other products.