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Multifunctional Filling and Capping Machine, DTNX-60XB

Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine, Automatic Bottle Filler, Bottle Filling and Capping Machine, Auto Liquid Packaging Line

Zhonghuan multifunctional filling and capping equipment is designed to complete the operations of filling, plug stacking, and plugging automatically for different materials, such as syrup, tincture, and liquor. The filling or plugging process will stop automatically if there is a lack of bottles. This equipment can be used both singly and cooperatively in the auto liquid packaging lines.

1. All of the components for this multifunctional filling equipment are from well-known brands
2. High-precision cam indexer control
3. Convenient operation
4. 3-knife centrifugal sealing method is adopted to ensure the solidity and aesthetics of the sealing part
5. It is in compliance with GMP standards

Technical Parameters of the Auto Filling & Capping Equipment
Filling volume: 30-500 ml
Production capacity: 40-60 bottles / min
Filling accuracy: ≤ ± 1%
Filling rate: ≥ 98%
Power supply: 380V /50Hz
Power: 1.0 kw
Weight: 600 kg
Dimension: 2500*1000*1600 mm

This kind of filling and sealing machinery is mainly applied in the packaging lines of syrup, tincture, and liquor, etc.