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Monoblock Filling Machine

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine, Auto Bottle Filling and Capping Machine, Auto Liquid Packaging Line, Bottle Filling and Sealing Equipment

    1. Nail Polish Filling Machine With the pump from HIBAR for bottle feeding, users can customize the desired filling volume and place the storing tanks at random. Besides, this auto filling machine for nail polish will stop filling or capping when there is an absence of bottle or brush.
    1. Eye-Drop Filling and Capping Machine This series of automatic filling and capping machine for eye drop is suitable for filling small-volume liquid, like antibiotic, eye drop, etc. We have employed servo motors for the AISI 316L /high-precision ceramic rotating piston pumps.
    1. Essential Oil Filling Machine Zhonghuan automatic essential oil filling equipment is distinguished for high automation, wide applications, and high stability. The bottle feeding, filling and capping processes are done completely automatically.
    1. Perfume Filling and Crimping Machine With a high production rate, wide application, and high stability, Zhonghuan auto perfume filling & crimping machinery is an ideal choice for filling perfume and other cosmetic products. It was designed to integrate the operations of screw feeding, bottle detecting.
    1. Cream Filling, Sealing and Capping Machine This automatic cream filling sealing and capping machinery adopts the advanced photoelectric control technique for high reliability and accurate filling. It is able to feed the spacers and tighten the caps automatically.
    1. Cream Filling and Capping Machine With the PLC control system, our automatic cream filling and capping machine is able to finish the operations of bottle feeding, filling, and capping automatically and accurately. The touch screen has made the operation rather convenient and easy.
    1. Mosquito Repellant Filling Machine An emergency shutdown will be realized when opening the equipment’s aluminum protective cover. With the auto detection device, this automatic liquid filling equipment for mosquito repellent will stop automatically when there is absence of any spare parts.
    1. Multifunctional Filling and Capping Machine Zhonghuan multifunctional filling and capping equipment is designed to complete the operations of filling, plug stacking, and plugging automatically for different materials, such as syrup, tincture, and liquor.
    1. E-Liquid Filling Machine This equipment is applicable in the auto liquid filling and capping lines for small volumes of plastic/glass bottles. With the filling steps preset by micro-computer, the system adopts peristaltic pump to accomplish the filling process with a certain liquid volume.
    1. Nasal Spray Filling Machine The nasal spray filling and capping machine in Zhonghuan is developed basing on the former liquid filling and capping machinery. It is widely applied in the mass production of various liquids such as vaccine, and pharmaceutical liquid.
    1. Mascara Filling and Assembly Monoblock It adopts the PLC intelligent system for convenient and accurate control, which commits that the filling or capping process will stop automatically when the bottles or brushes are absent.
    1. Mascara Filling and Capping Machine It is applicable in all kinds of nail polish with different viscosity and mascara bottles with diversified shapes and specifications. From bottle feeding, filling, brush mounting, to capping, the whole mascara packaging process is done fully automatically.