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Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine, ZHTBS02

Automatic Labeling Machine, Sticker Labeling Machine, Bottle Labeling Machine, Automatic Self-Adhesive Labeling Equipment

Zhonghuan auto bottle labeling machine is widely applied in the single/double size labeling of square and oval bottles in food, cosmetic, medical, and pesticide industries. No labels will be attached of there is no bottle. With the memory capacity of storing over 10 groups of labeling parameters, the label or bottle replacing process can be easily achieved. The auto self-adhesive labeling machinery adopts servo motor, which ensures a low failure rate and high labeling efficiency.

Features of Zhonghuan Bottle Labeling Equipment
1. The PLC control and touch screen system for our labeling machine allows for an easy operation and supports the auto bottle labeling process.
2. Allowable bottle volume: 0-5 L
3. Labeling speed: 0-26 m/min
4. All of the parts that may contact directly with materials are made from stainless steel.
5. Zhonghuan self-adhesive bottle labeling equipment is designed in compliance with GMP standards.

Technical Parameters
1. Power supply: AC 220V; 50Hz (or according to clients’ voltage requirement)
2. Power: 3kw
3. Inner diameter of label roll: Ф75mm
4. Outer diameter of label roll: Ф350mm (max)
5. Label height: 300mm (max)
6. Weight: 750kg
7. Dimension (L×W×H): 3000mm×1200mm×1600mm