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Automatic Case Erector, GPK-40

Automatic Case Erecting Machine, Auto Paper Carton Erecting Machine, Auto Cardboard Box Erector

The auto case erecting device is especially designed for the packaging lines of bottle products. The advantages of high efficiency, high stability, easy operation, and powerful compatibility make this auto case erector applicable in bottles with various specifications. Users only need to change the molds if there is a necessary to change the bottles. This series auto case erecting equipment has been widely applied in diversified auto bottle packaging lines.

Technical Parameters
Model: GPK-40
Production capacity: 12ctns/min
Power supply: 110V /220V, 50-60 Hz, 200W
Carton size (L*W *H): (250~450) mm *(150~400) mm *(100~400) mm
Air pressure: 6kg/cm³
Air consumption: 450 ml/min
Dimension (L *W *H): 2000 *1900 *1450 mm
Weight: 450kg
Adhesive tape width: 48 /60 /75 mm

Zhonghuan case erector is suitable for the auto packaging lines of mineral water, beverages, seasonings, detergents, lubricants, and many other liquid products.