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Automatic Flap-Folding Carton Sealer, GPC-50

Automatic Carton Sealing Machine, Automatic Bottle Packaging Line, Auto Carton Taping Machine, Auto Flap Folding Carton Sealing Machine

This auto carton sealing machine is mainly applied in sealing cardboard boxes. It can be used singly or cooperatively with other packing machineries in the auto bottle packaging line. It adopts a special marking tape to seal the boxes as an entire efficiently.

Technical Parameters of the Auto Carton Sealer
Model: GPC-50
Production capacity: 0-20ctns/min
Carton size (L *W * H): (200~600) *(150~500) *(150-500) mm
Power supply: 220V /110V, 50Hz
Power: 400w
Adhesive tape width: 48 /60 /75 mm
Dimension (L *W * H): 770 *850 *1520 mm
Weight: 250kg

Zhonghuan automatic carton sealing device has found wide applications in electrical appliances, textiles, food, general merchandise, medicine, and chemical industries.