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Multi-Functional Cartoner, DZH-120

Automatic Cartoning Machine, Auto Case Packer, Cardboard Packaging Machinery, Automatic Bottle Filling Line, Bottle Filling and Packing Line

DZH-120C series horizontal auto cartoning machine is a kind of packaging machine integrated by the elements of photoelectric, pneumatic, and mechanical, all of which have dramatically improved the performance and reliability of this automatic cartoner. It is suitable for the auto feeding and cartoning lines of bubble-cap plates. We have designed its auto feeding part to be easy-adjusted so users have access to arbitrarily set the cartoning number on the screen. With this automatic cardboard packaging equipment, the processes of bubble-cap plate auto detection, instruction folding and delivering, instruction checking, carton feeding forming and delivering, cartoning, batch number printing, carton sealing (hot melt adhesive is acceptable), filtering, and discharging are done fully automatically.

1. This kind of case packer adopts PLC control system and variable frequency drive, all of its electric components are from international renowned brands
2. Man-machine interface system is employed for easy operation
3. It will stop automatically when there is an overload
4. Those cartons lack of goods or instructions will be filtered out automatically
5. Auto fault displaying, alarming, and carton counting mechanism
6. Stable performance and easy operation
7. The auto cartoning equipment is driven by servo motor, which has endowed it with stable & high-speed running and exact orientating
8. Strap transmission method & no lubricant needed
9. Easy to be adjusted when changing the box sizes
10. Simple structure & vacuum-controlled

Technical Parameters
Box size (75~150)×(40~90)×(12~45) mm
Material 250~350 g/cm3
Manual sheet size (100~250)×(125~160) mm
Material 55 ~65 g/cm3
Output 60~120 boxes /min
Energy consumption 5 kw
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Compressed air pressure ≥0.8 MPa
Air consumption ≥0.1 L/min
Vacuum pressure -0.09 MPa
Vacuum pump 63m3/min
Overall dimension 4000×1500×1862 mm
Weight 2500 kg

Zhonghuan automatic cartoning machine is widely applied in the auto packaging lines of pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries.