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High-viscosity Liquid Filling Line

(Bottle Unscrambling Filling Capping Line for High-viscosity Liquid)

Automatic Bottle Uncrambler, Bottle Unscrambling Machines, Bottle Filling and Capping Line, Automatic Bottle Packaging Line

This auto bottle unscrambling filling and capping line is applied in the auto packaging lines of high-viscosity liquid, such as all kinds of suspensions, aqueous solutions, honey, and oil.

Technical Parameters
Production capacity
For 50ml~200ml bottles: ≦1200 bottles /h;
For 800ml bottles: ≦6000 bottles /h;
For 1000ml bottles: ≦4800 bottles /h;
Filling volume: 50ml-1000ml

Zhonghuan high-viscosity liquid filling line is mainly used for packaging suspensions, detergents, honey, oil, and other high-viscosity liquid.