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Automatic Liquid Filling Machine, ZHS-8

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For this automacit bottle filling machine, Zhonghuan has designed 8 filling heads and let them work simultaneously. If these are not enough, we can add the head number additionally upon request.

We have designed the auto liquid filler to complete the operations of bottle feeding, positioning, filling, and discharging automatically. If some accidents happened, like the bottles are not at the right position, the bottles are blocked, or the outlet pipes are not inserted into the bottles, the auto bottler filling line will stop automatically until the troubles are eliminated.

Technical Parameters
Filling volume: 90-520 ml
Filling speed: 40-55 bottles /min
Power: 1kw
Power supply: 3P, 380V
Compressed air pressure: 3-5kg/cm2

Zhonghuan automatic bottle filling machinery is used in the auto filling lines of shampoo, shower gel, aromatherapy, among other products.