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Inline Piston Filling Machine, ZH-Z-12D

Inline Piston Filler, Piston Depositors, Inline Filling System, Bottle Filling Equipment, Automatic Inline Piston Filling Machine

This piston bottle filler made by Zhonghuan is applied in the quantitative filling of various kinds of liquid and semifluid. We have integrated the operations of auto counting, bottle feeding, quantitative filling, and discharging together into this auto piston filling machine. It is especially suitable for filling liquid, cream, suspensions, cooking oil, and lubricating oil, making it an ideal bottle filling machinery for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and many other industries.

Technical Parameters
Dimension (L×W×H): 2000mm ×1100mm ×2200mm
Filling heads: 12
Allowable bottle size: φ40mm~φ100mm (diameter); 80mm~300mm (height)
Bottle mouth diameter: ≥φ18mm
Filling volume: 50ml~1000ml
Production capacity: ≤6000 p/h
Error range: no more than 1ml for bottles with volume of 50-100 ml; ±0.5% for bottles whose volume is 100-500 ml; and ±0.3% for bottles of 500-1000 ml
Power supply: 220V; 50Hz
Power: 1.5kw
Pneumatic (air-operated) source: 0.55MPa~0.65MPa

This series of inline piston filler is used in the auto filling lines of cream, suspensions, cooking oil, lubricating oil, and many other liquids.