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Computer Controlled Liquid Bottle Rinsing, Filling and Capping Line, CDP-24B

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This automatic bottle filling and capping line is especially designed for the washing, computer-controlled quantitative filling, and capping operations for all kinds of glass bottles, ceramic bottles and resin bottles. It is an ideal for packing liquor, rice wine, fruit juices, and non-carbonated drinks.

Features of the Auto Bottle Packaging Line
Production capacity: 5400 bottles (640ml) per hour
Allowable bottle volumes: 80ml-1000ml

Technical Parameters
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz (others according to client's requirements)
Power 2.2 kw
Filling volume 50ml-500ml
Production capacity (taking water as an example) 50ml (bottle volume): ≤8000 bottles /hour 500ml (bottle volume): ≤ 5500bottles /hour
Error range ﹤1﹪
Container size Height: 120mm-250mm Diameter: 50mm-100mm
Weight 1050kg
Dimension (L×W×H) 2000mm×1400mm×2350mm

Zhonghuan bottle rinsing, filling and capping line is mainly used for packaging liquor, rice wine, fruit juices, non-carbonated drinks, and other liquids.