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Automatic Side Wrap Capping Machine, ZHTW-180M

Side Wrap Auto Capping Machine, Automatic Bottle Capping Machine, Automatic Bottle Filling & Packaging Line

1. The capping process of this auto bottle capping machine is controlled by the servo motor to improve the working accuracy and efficiency
2. Moving speed and stroke of the servo motor is controlled by computer, with the parameters provided
3. The capping roller is controlled by servo motor
4. For this series automatic bottle capping equipment, adjustable capping torque is valued to protect the cap surface
5. Only a manual adjustment is needed to replace the bottle and cap types, without the need of replacing accessories

Technical Parameters of the Capping Machine
Production capacity: 40-50 bottles /min
Power supply: 3φ, 380V
Power: 1.2kw
Gas consumption: 4kg, 30L/ min

This series of Zhonghuan side wrap bottle capping machinery is mainly used for cover plate, duckbill bottle cap, pump cover, and plastic screw cap, etc.