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Automatic Labeling Machine, ZHTB01

Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine, Automatic Bottle Labeller, Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine, Automatic Bottle Packaging Line

This kind of fully automatic bottle labeling machine is applicable in the auto packaging lines in food, medicine, cosmetic, electronic, hardware, auto parts, stationery, battery and many other industries.

1. For this auto labeling machine, labels with various shapes and styles are available for round bottles
2. It is equipped with touch screen for easy operation and intuitive display
3. Several groups of memory devices make it not necessary to reset the parameters when there is a product upgradation
4. With a failure displaying and alarming device, this bottle labeling machine will stop and alarm automatically when the labels are used out or broken
5. Precision processing and special treatment are adopted for the machine components
6. The auto bottle labeling machinery features stable performance and long service life

Technical Parameters
Labeling speed: 80-200 bottles /min (varied according to bottles and length of the labels)
Bottle outer diameter: 30-100 mm
Voltage: 300V
Power supply: 220V, 50-60 Hz
Dimension: 1600×700×1400 mm
Weight: 200kg
Moving direction: left to right (or right to left)

This series of Zhonghuan automatic labeling machine is widely used in the auto bottle packaging lines for all kinds of round bottles and cylindrical bottles