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Our Clients

Clients in Cosmetic Industry
1. In 2011, Zhonghuan cooperated with Amway Vietnam Company to install an auto oral spray packaging line in their Vietnam factory.

  • Amway Vietnam
  • Factory of Amway Vietnam
  • Oral spray production line in Amway

2. In 2013, Turkey Delta Chemical Company came to us to ask for a set of tube filling and sealing machine, tube labelling machine, and a whole shampoo filling and capping line.

3. In 2015, we entered into cooperation with Sebastian Seattle (USA) to offer them several auto liquid packaging lines for their nail polish, facial cleanser, and other products.

Clients in Pharmaceutical Industry
1. In 2015, we signed a cooperation agreement with Taiji Group.

2. We installed a fully automatic tube filling, sealing, and packaging line for Sichuan Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Company.

Clients in Chemical Industry
Zhonghuan cooperated with Gleihow New Materials Company in 2013 to offer them a 25kg-barrel filling line for their factory in Wuhu.

Clients in Food Industry
In 2014, we entered into cooperation with Pu'er Mengyejiang Agricultural Food Development Company, who required to install an auto mustard packaging line in their Pu’er factory.