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    1. Automatic Tube Filler and Sealer, ZHY-60YP1. Zhonghuan auto tube filling and sealing machinery features compact structure, auto feeding way, and fully-closed driving part
      2. The whole process of tube feeding, cleaning, labeling, filling, sealing, code printing, trimming, and discharging are done fully automatically for our auto filler and sealer
    1. Metal Tube Filler and Sealer, ZHF-80Z1. Variable frequency drive
      2. Tube end shapes of the metal tube filling & sealing equipment can be processed into 2-fold, 3-fold, and saddle-shaped styles by one machine
    1. Automatic Tube Filler and Sealer, ZHF-100YCThis filling and sealing machine adopts PLC control system to realize an automatic production process. It is designed with the functions of auto tube feeding and precise label positioning. The nozzle will enter inside the tubes which have been cleaned completely to fill in the viscous liquids.
    1. Automatic Tube Filler and Sealer, ZHNG-100A1. For this auto tube filling and sealing machine, the tubes are pressed into the positioning plate automatically
      2. The tube filler & sealer adopts springs to ensure the same height of sealed tube end
    1. High Speed Tube Filler and Sealer, ZHF-1601. The transmission system of the auto tube filling and sealing machine is sealed and set under the working platform to avoid pollution
      2. The tube filling and sealing system is mounted in a semi-closed static-free visual enclosure for easy observation, manipulation, as well as maintenance
    1. Toothpaste Tube Filling and Sealing MachineThis series of tube filling and sealing machine is used for filling and sealing toothpaste or other similar materials into tubes automatically. We have designed it with a frequency inverter to control the speed, a touch screen for convenient manipulation.
    1. Tube LabellerThe programmable controller from Siemens and the servo system from Mitsubishi have ensured a high reliability of the tube labeling line. A touch screen is employed for easy operation. The control deviation of the label feeding speed is within 0.01m/min.
    1. Nail Polish Filling MachineWith the pump from HIBAR for bottle feeding, users can customize the desired filling volume and place the storing tanks at random. Besides, this auto filling machine for nail polish will stop filling or capping when there is an absence of bottle or brush.
    1. Eye-Drop Filling and Capping MachineThis series of automatic filling and capping machine for eye drop is suitable for filling small-volume liquid, like antibiotic, eye drop, etc. We have employed servo motors for the AISI 316L /high-precision ceramic rotating piston pumps.
    1. Essential Oil Filling MachineZhonghuan automatic essential oil filling equipment is distinguished for high automation, wide applications, and high stability. The bottle feeding, filling and capping processes are done completely automatically.
    1. Perfume Filling and Crimping MachineWith a high production rate, wide application, and high stability, Zhonghuan auto perfume filling & crimping machinery is an ideal choice for filling perfume and other cosmetic products. It was designed to integrate the operations of screw feeding, bottle detecting.
    1. Cream Filling, Sealing and Capping MachineThis automatic cream filling sealing and capping machinery adopts the advanced photoelectric control technique for high reliability and accurate filling. It is able to feed the spacers and tighten the caps automatically.
    1. Cream Filling and Capping MachineWith the PLC control system, our automatic cream filling and capping machine is able to finish the operations of bottle feeding, filling, and capping automatically and accurately. The touch screen has made the operation rather convenient and easy.
    1. Mosquito Repellant Filling MachineAn emergency shutdown will be realized when opening the equipment’s aluminum protective cover. With the auto detection device, this automatic liquid filling equipment for mosquito repellent will stop automatically when there is absence of any spare parts.
    1. Multifunctional Filling and Capping MachineZhonghuan multifunctional filling and capping equipment is designed to complete the operations of filling, plug stacking, and plugging automatically for different materials, such as syrup, tincture, and liquor.
    1. E-Liquid Filling MachineThis equipment is applicable in the auto liquid filling and capping lines for small volumes of plastic/glass bottles. With the filling steps preset by micro-computer, the system adopts peristaltic pump to accomplish the filling process with a certain liquid volume.
    1. Nasal Spray Filling MachineThe nasal spray filling and capping machine in Zhonghuan is developed basing on the former liquid filling and capping machinery. It is widely applied in the mass production of various liquids such as vaccine, and pharmaceutical liquid.
    1. Mascara Filling and Assembly MonoblockIt adopts the PLC intelligent system for convenient and accurate control, which commits that the filling or capping process will stop automatically when the bottles or brushes are absent.
    1. Mascara Filling and Capping MachineIt is applicable in all kinds of nail polish with different viscosity and mascara bottles with diversified shapes and specifications. From bottle feeding, filling, brush mounting, to capping, the whole mascara packaging process is done fully automatically.
    1. Automatic Form Fill Seal Machine (for Oral Liquid Bottle)1. This kind of auto oral liquid filling and sealing line adopts PLC control and variable frequency drive
      2. The operations of unwinding, plastic forming, filling, lot number printing, trimming and slitting are done programmatically
    1. Pre-Filled Syringe Filling and Closing Machine1. This series of syringe filling and closing machine is outstanding for continuous syringe filling and plugging process
      2. The filling head will go up as the water level rises to prevent the liquid drugs from splashing
    1. Ampoule / Vial Cartoning MachineThis cartoning machine for ampoule/vial is especially designed for packaging ampoules or vials. It integrates the operations of tray manufacturing, bottle feeding, detecting, filtering, and cartoning together.
    1. Bottle Filling Capping Labeling Line1. Acceptable bottles for this auto bottle filling and capping line: 500ml square or flat glass bottles
      2. Production capacity: 6000 bottles (500ml) per hour
    1. High-viscosity Liquid Filling LineThis auto bottle unscrambling filling and capping line is applied in the auto packaging lines of high-viscosity liquid, such as all kinds of suspensions, aqueous solutions, honey, and oil.
    1. Automatic Liquid Filling MachineFor this automacit bottle filling machine, Zhonghuan has designed 8 filling heads and let them work simultaneously. If these are not enough, we can add the head number additionally upon request.
    1. Inline Piston Filling MachineThis piston bottle filler made by Zhonghuan is applied in the quantitative filling of various kinds of liquid and semifluid. We have integrated the operations of auto counting, bottle feeding, quantitative filling, and discharging together into this auto piston filling machine.
    1. Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping LineThis automatic bottle filling and capping line is especially designed for the washing, computer-controlled quantitative filling, and capping operations for all kinds of glass bottles, ceramic bottles and resin bottles. It is an ideal for packing liquor, rice wine, fruit juices, and non-carbonated drinks.
    1. Rotary Weight Filling Machine1. Zhonghuan rotary weight filler features compact structure, stable running, aesthetic appearance and easy maintenance
      2. It is designed to utilize unique circular guideway to push the piston
    1. Automatic Screw Capping Machine1. This series of auto screw capping equipment is designed with esthetic structure
      2. Dimension of this auto bottle capping machine: 1700mm x 1400mm x 1700mm
    1. Automatic Side Wrap Capping Machine1. The capping process of this auto bottle capping machine is controlled by the servo motor to improve the working accuracy and efficiency
      2. Moving speed and stroke of the servo motor is controlled by computer, with the parameters provided
    1. Automatic Labeling Machine1. For this auto labeling machine, labels with various shapes and styles are available for round bottles
      2. It is equipped with touch screen for easy operation and intuitive display
    1. Self-Adhesive Labeling MachineWith the memory capacity of storing over 10 groups of labeling parameters, the label or bottle replacing process can be easily achieved. The auto self-adhesive labeling machinery adopts servo motor, which ensures a low failure rate and high labeling efficiency.
    1. Automatic Case ErectorThe auto case erecting device is especially designed for the packaging lines of bottle products. The advantages of high efficiency, high stability, easy operation, and powerful compatibility make this auto case erector applicable in bottles with various specifications.
    1. Case Packer / Drop PackerWith the properties of high running speed, easy operation, high stability, and strong compatibility, this automatic bottle case packer is applicable in bottles with diversified specifications. It only needs the molds to be replaced when the bottles are changed.
    1. Automatic Flap-Folding Carton SealerThis auto carton sealing machine is mainly applied in sealing cardboard boxes. It can be used singly or cooperatively with other packing machineries in the auto bottle packaging line. It adopts a special marking tape to seal the boxes as an entire efficiently.
    1. Multi-Functional CartonerDZH-120C series horizontal auto cartoning machine is a kind of packaging machine integrated by the elements of photoelectric, pneumatic, and mechanical, all of which have dramatically improved the performance and reliability of this automatic cartoner.
    1. Automatic Palletizer1. This auto palletizer features unique design and delicate structure
      2. The touch screen has simplified the operation largely
    1. Shrink Sleeve LabelerTo protect the operators, Zhonghuan has designed this shrink sleeve label applicator with a special insulation layer to keep the furnace body always at a constant temperature. A special door latch is utilized to prevent energy from leakage