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Parts Repairing & Maintenance
1. For those parts failure of the filling and capping machines that caused from quality defects, we will repair the parts free of charge (except those wearing parts) within a warranty period. Out of that period, all of the accessories are available for a fee.

2. The free maintenance period is in one year after the delivery. We commit to offering free repairing service for those equipment failures arised from quality defects during this time. The maintenance and parts fees of the automatic filling & capping equipment are for us to undertake, while the travel and accommodation expenses are for the clients to pay.

3. After delivery, we will continue to track the usage of the liquid packing device. Any forms of notices about the machines’ quality failures will be treated as fast as possible.

4. If the auto packaging machineries are broken because of bad operations, we will sign a maintenance contract with clients and send operators for repairing.

5. The maintenance service is also available out of the warranty period, only clients need to pay for it.

Procedures of After-Sales Service
1. After-sales service involves the jobs from the auto liquid packaging equipment are delivered, to clients have recognized that the machines have met their requirements after a period of usage.

2. The service department will fill in the ‘after-sales service table’ according to the specific quality problems and clients’ requirements. Maintenance personnel will go to the scene for further information if necessary.

3. According to the maintenance plan, we will send members of after-sales staff to the production scene.

4. Our service staff will let clients’ technicians to confirm the maintenance program upon the filling, sealing and capping machine. Any disagreement should be handed to the technical department to settle.

5. Our staff will implement the agreed plan. After the maintenance is over, clients need to check the construction result and write theirs opinions on the ‘after-sales service table’. The service members are required to ask clients’ detailed requirements or modification suggestions upon our products and service.

Comprehensive Service
From equipment installation, guidance upon operations and maintenance, to equipment repairing within the warranty period, Zhonghuan is committed to offering the most comprehensive services for clients!